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This is Issue One of GAP Gazette, the world’s first free worldwide newspaper. We bring news and viewpoints that the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t bring. We believe most MSM news is essentially fake. We aim to do better, and at least we invite our readers to think for themselves.

Cover Photo

The cover photo shows David Reinert, who may be the most iconic character in the Q movement. Often an image search on Google for “QAnon” lists two photos with him in the top-5 results; these show him with his Q sign at a Trump rally. We first thought of using one of these photos for our cover page, but we found that we would have to pay royalties to GettyImages; about $500. Our total budget for this issue was $0, so that was out of the question. Besides, paying that amount would still not cover printing hardcopies; and in addition we fear the bureaucratic hassle that comes with licensing.

We contacted David. He was surprised that “his” photo had been copyrighted. He had not earned himself a single dime with it. He offered us an alternative photo that his wife had taken on the day of the Trump rally. Thank you David!