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The Great Awakening began in 2017. It is part of all of us now!

GAP Gazette was conceived by André van Delft after studying the Great Awakening phenomenon, researching causes of corruption, and co-authoring the book A User's Guide to The Great Awakening. GAP Gazette is also a TECI initiative.

GAP Gazette is designed to be viewed online, as well as to be able to be printed in a tabloid format and distributed as physical copies.

GAP Gazette is a not-for-profit group effort by volunteers to help present information to the world that can benefit people in the following ways:

  • Understand that mainstream media has been deceiving them
  • Understand that most, if not all, large institutions have become corrupted and no longer best serve the interests that they were founded on
  • Realize that truthful information must be derived through personal research and from carefully vetted information sources
  • Realize that personal freedoms have been deliberately removed and that it is possible to reclaim those personal freedoms
  • Gain the confidence that The Great Awakening is a growing phenomenon that is expected to have long-lasting beneficial impact on all societies of the world